oktober 19, 2012

Crazy world!!!

This is really, really weird......

I have just this morning recieved 2 parcels from the postman.

One big one that I sent to myself last monday from London with some of my purchases from the Knitting and Stitching Show - including embroidery scissors that you can't bring carrying just hand luggage on the plane. Travel time: 4 days

The other parcel is smaller, very crinckled and looks as if it has been on a trip around the world.
Its from Helen. Its from England. It smells of almond. Travel time: 3 months.


Usually I'm not lost for words. But this is just so weird!

Of course I have opened it and it is just as gorgious as I knew it would be. Purse is crinckled, card is crinckled - I don't care a bit - and the smell of almond? A wonderful surprise:-)))

I can not take pictures and show you now - the weather is very grey and overcast here, so no light - but I will update with photos as soon as possible.

I need some strong coffee now.
Holy cow....


Here are photos of my lovely purse made by Helen:

I love this purse - the fabric is perfect!!

The whole content of the packet - purse, card, fabric and a HUGE bath soap that smells of almond!

The lining fabric - geometric - just me - love!!!

The bath soap packed in a cute suitcase - very british!

..and Helen sent me the fabric too!

I have been fondling and touching that purse more than I will admit in public. And after 3 months close to the soap bar it smells wonderfull of almond!

Thanks again Helen!

And now - I can finally say that my swap is finished - successfully!!!!

I'm a happy, happy girl:-))

9 kommentarer:

Ann sagde ...

How absolutely wonderful that it finally arrived!

Archie the wonder dog sagde ...

Oh my goodness! I don't believe it!!! (That's my very best Victor Meldrew impression, I'll have you know!) I wonder where it's been...what a pity parcels (or purses!) can't talk. Enjoy your long-awaited purse!

Liz DandeliondD sagde ...

Yay! such great news :0)

Nicky sagde ...

I don't believe it!

Is it ok then or does crinkled mean worse for wear!?

Oh happy day!

Grete sagde ...

Godt å se deg i Blogglandia igjen! Regner med du har handlet mye fint i England og fått masse inspirasjon!
Flott at pungen dukket opp, og koselig trøstepakke du fikk også!

Catherine sagde ...

Excellent, so glad that it arrived for you!

Flying Blind... sagde ...

So happy for you xxx

Trudi sagde ...

Fantastic! So glad your purse finally made it to its rightful home, at last! Enjoy! x

Sana Saroti sagde ...

Hey Rosa, so glad you finally got you package. At the moment I am also waiting for a package with fabric I ordered. Seems like it got lost, too. It's not even from another country!
Btw, I bought a new sewing machine yesterday! Yay! Have you gotten yours, yet?