juli 15, 2012

Vintage whitework tablecloth

I just want to show you what I found last week at the charity shop I pass when I need a break and go shopping for vegetables;-)

Some times you just find the most amazing things...... and you just have to rescue them.


It was not really possibel for me to get a full pic of the tablecloth. The light today is not good, so here most of it is hanging from the shelves in the livingroom close to the window

The tablecloth - 1/4 of it

So beautiful - washed and ironed so many times.  

The maker obviously did not want to cut into the lace in the center but let it overlap. My kind of girl!!!

Lovely, lovely craftmanship!

Detail - close up

Now - can anyone believe that this was just given away?

My heart almost stopped when I found it at the bottom of a pile of old curtains.

I'm so happy I could save it.
Not very often I feel like Florence Nightingale :-)))

4 kommentarer:

Grete sagde ...

Nydelig arbeid! Den som har laget dette, har mer tålmodighet enn jeg noen sinne kommer til å få!
Ha en fin mandag!

4dreamsr sagde ...

Looks to be in excellent condition, someone just tossed it. It was meant for you!

Rachel sagde ...

It's lovely - I'm so glad you could rescue it!

patchworker sagde ...

Hvor er den smuk, et rent guldfund. Heldigt for dig, at ikke alle sætter pris på det smukke gamle håndarbejde
Hilsen Esther