juli 10, 2012

Dad's quilt - sort of a tutorial (2)

It is about time to move on with this tutorial.
I went to Tivoli last week and came home with a nice summer-cold, fever and a huge urge to do absolutely nothing in the craft department but whine silently about my poor condition for more than a week.

So - you have made a lot of squares, turned them inside out and stitched the gap closed with nice thread.

Then you top-stitch all the squares about 5 mm from the edge all the way around.

This takes quite a while. You will need a lot of breaks - but DON'T go to Tivoli.
Once is enough.
Instead go buy some vegetables - they are healthy and you know you need them!

Lots of topstitched squares

When you have topstitched all your sqares - or just one - you will add a blanket stitch all around the square.

If you are a perfectionist like me you will want need to do a lot of (unnessecary) work because your brain is too analytical and wants  demands you to meassure and do a lot of math. That's why you graduated an engineer and not a librarian like your mother wanted you to.

But - you know that you can't live with a crocheted edge that is wobly, uneven or do not have the same number of stitches on each side - so you cave in.

You just go overboard.

You place a piece of meassurement tape that you've cut off from an old and worn out tape and place it the way the photo shows.

Now you can make you blanket stitch with ecxactly 1 cm apart on each side of the square and you KNOW that this is not really important but at least you can sleep tonight.
Without nightmares.

You do this to ALL the topstitched squares.

1 cm apart. Gooooood job!

ALL of them!

Now you are ready to crochet!!!

And of course you have excactly the same number of stitches on each side of the square so the pattern you have so intellingently figured out will match when assembly time comes.
You can be proud of your self.

And now you can relax and just crochet like mad.
You have whined about your cold now for a week, so you need to speed up.
There is a deadline to this, which you hate - but there you go.
This blanket will NOT end up an ufo.

 You just can't help being so proud.....

..... because you KNOW that you have made the PERFECT corners - and you do the happy dance 54 times over a period of 2-3 days in your tiny flat under the roof.

This also helps you lose some weight because you've snacked too much and not been exercising enough.

If your neighbors complain about the noise and shakes that go through the building when you dance - get some new ones. Apart from being quiet and invisibel it is very important that you make sure your neighbors are tolerant and accepting of happy dancing. That way you can continue being a perfectionist and loose weight every time you make something perfect. (which is very often all the time of course).

So - crochet around all your squares and when you are done sew or crochet them together.
Did you think I'm going to show you that now???

I've only finished 10 squares and just discovered that there is another nice tutorial here where you can learn much more about the blanket.

If you want to make this blanket you can sign up for The Fusion Blanket Crochet Along on Flickr

I need to go crochet.
I'm busy.

14 kommentarer:

Deborah sagde ...

Very nice tutorial!! I'm wondering how my round corners will look when I sew them together. I'm waiting for my yarn to arrive so I can test this! I'm doing a post for this next Tuesday. May I include your tutorial?

Rachel sagde ...

Congratulations - it seems to be coming together really well!

Edny sine puslerier sagde ...

Veldig fint å kombinere stoff og hekling! Og hjørnene var veldig fine, ja;) Lykke til med resten!

Grete sagde ...

Dette blir flott, Rosa! Jeg har ikke sett denne måten å lage teppe på før, kombinere lapper og hekling! Din pappa kan virkelig kose seg under dette teppet, og så flott at det ikke ender som UFO........
Ha en fin uke videre!

mammafairy sagde ...

You daft bat! Love the happy dance, but the perfectionism! whoa, you could drive yourself mad if you are not careful.
At the same time I have to admire the methods you employ! that tape cut off. Impressive!

PS daft bat is affectionate- do not feel offended!

cauchy09 sagde ...

i love the yarn-dyed fabrics you're using. best of luck finishing up!

patchworker sagde ...

Det bliver et rigtig flot mandetæppe. En spændende kombination patchwork og hækling. Hun har ikke været så perfect, som dig, din læremester, with the blanketstiches around the square.
Hilsen Esther

Janine sagde ...

This is looking great and I really enjoyed your tutorial :)

4dreamsr sagde ...

Read your profile & are we separated at birth sisters or something? I'm gonna argue that MY ufo pile is bigger than yours & for the same reasons! Gonna try & follow your blog, but stay on puter way too much already, hence huge ufo pile. Love your pics on flickr!

Wendy sagde ...

ha ha, great post! I think I'd have exactly the same problem, I'd NEED my stitches to be perfectly positioned, but I'd probably mess the spacing up, wouldn't bother to fix it and then end up hating it forever more!

Jeanne sagde ...

I belong to the Lazy Bums group, and am going around to all the gals blogs and reading them to get to know everyone. I love your blocks that you crochet. Very nice!!!

Loralynn sagde ...

Love your tongue-in-cheek style of writing. Very funny! Lovely job on your blocks! I'm like you, I will be measuring out my holes for my blanket stitch...I can't stand it if things aren't even!!!

Bente-I like to QuiltBlog sagde ...

Tusind tak for alle billederne, super tutorial, indtil for et par minutter siden, vidste jeg ikke, at jeg er noedt til at haekle/sy saadan et taeppe, engang - snart, senest naeste gang vi skal i sommerhus ☺
virkelig godt!!!
-som ikke har besögt din blog alt for laenge, har forsöger at bruge mindre tid paa nettet...

Joyce sagde ...

Ha, I am exactly this way. I will fiddle with a thing for hours, days, weeks until I get it just perfect. I can't tell you how many times I started a crochet piece and then ripped it all the way down to a ball again, because I didn't like the yarn selection, etc. You go girl and don't change your perfect self.