juni 28, 2012

Dad's quilt - sort of a tutorial (1)

Cut a lot of squares in your favorite fabric.
How many?
Depends on the size of the squares and how big you want the quilt. (Not much help here HAHA!)
You can figure it out - I'm sure of that.

Lots of yummi fabric !!!!

No. You better go to this blog first and watch a nice tutorial with beautiful photos, that will make your mouth water. Now you know much more about this quilt and why I can't help you with the amount of squares:-)

So - you cut a lot of squares.
Then you cut a lot of batting squares... but only half the amount of the fabric squares and a tiny bit bigger..

Then you put two fabric squares on top of one batting square and line them up. Make sure that the top fabric square is face down and the other in the middle is face up. My plaids are the same on both sides of the fabric, so no need to pay attention to that.

Line the two fabric squares up right on top of each other. My batting squares are a tiny bit bigger cut.

Make a lot and stack them to make them look like a mountain;-)

Pretend it is Killimanjaro - with snow! (it is important to excercise your imagination!!)

Sew each little package together from the fabric side (batting down towards the sewing machine) and leave a gap in the middle of one side. This way you can turn it inside out and cut away the corners to make them nice and pointy.

When the square is turned inside out - fold the seam allowances in and close the gap with a narrow stitch....

... it looks like this. Use a better color thread than I did. I s*uck at picking rigth color thread:-)

Narrow stitch to close the gap

And now you are tired.
You have sewn all day and need a break and a treat.

So go get dressed, put on some lipstick, a dab of perfume and explore the city.

If you don't live in Copenhagen and can go to Tivoli - too bad.
I'm going :-)))

(... to be continued...)

8 kommentarer:

Joana sagde ...

Can't wait for the second part :-)

Rachel sagde ...

I think I'm beginning to get an inkling of where this is going... Very ingenious!

Grete sagde ...

Dette ser spennende ut! Denne måten sy teppe på kjenner jeg ikke.
En tur til Tivoli høres ut til å være en flott " turist i egen by" aktivitet! Sist jeg var alene i København, gikk jeg i Tivoli og koste meg noen timer før flyet hjem. Mye flott hage der også, og koselige spisesteder!
Ha det bra!

Edny sine puslerier sagde ...

Dette ser veldig spennende ut!
Husker du at jeg hadde sydd et rosa hus første gang du besøkte bloggen min? Nå har jeg sydd et grønt hus med hylle, som jeg har som premie på Giveaway.

Og så ser jeg at dine faste lesere er borte. Jeg har endelig fått ordnet det med følgerne med meg, og har et innlegg med hvordan, om du er interessert;)

Sana Saroti sagde ...

Not every tutorial is as entertaining as yours ;-)

mammafairy sagde ...

Ok, you teasing monkey you! we want part two please!

Wendy sagde ...

oooh, you're making that blanket!! I want to make that blanket too!

IdeAragon sagde ...

Can't wait to see how it will look. I like your funny way to explain...nothing boring...