juni 13, 2012

I am a domestic Goddess!

Don't believe it!

I have disgusting and horrible pictures to prove it - so consider yourself warned and take action (or heed) if you can't stand photos of dirt.

But before I show the whole world that I seriously lack in the Goddess department let me show you one of the ghosts from my dungeon - the basement where ghosts from my past live a dusty and forgotten life.

One of them has made it up the stairs under the roof to my tiny and old appartment, it has been washed and ironed a little bit - all so that you can see what once was on the table - so to speak.

This was the tablecloth I believed was embroidered in Hardanger. Totally wrong. My brain is not what it used to be *sigh*
Obviously it is what I believe is called counted needlepoint (?)

Also - and this is even more important (or embarassing) - I did not make this. I thought I did, but no. A friend gave it to me many, many years ago and I have treasured it so much that I seriously believed I made it my self. But I know I made some Hardanger but I haven't got a clue where it is or what exactly it was.

Here it is - almost half of it hanging from my ironing board - a tablecloth made many, many years ago by a dear friend.
Such good memories:-)

And now to the filthy part. I warned you!

I have been doing more of that once-a-year-cleaning. Not amusing. And some times scary.
In the near future some poor guy will visit me to read the meters on my radiators. So - time to clean the radiators!
I have four of them. Remember I live in a tiny appartment - so bedroom, living room and kitchen were done without problem. But the radiator in my tiny, tiny bathroom is a problem.

A BIG problem. HUGE.
Here is why:

Yes. Som building-inspector-genius mounted the radiator under the ceiling!

I never use it. But that doesn't stop the darn thing from being filthy, gross and utterly disgusting!
There is no way I can clean that thing up there. The bathroom is 1,8 m2 and there is NO room for a ladder and even if there were I could not reach anyway.

I try not to look too close at it. I wipe dust and cobwebs with a broom and that's it.

And then I got that stupid idea to look a bit closer at the handle. The one in the kitchen - which by the way is very close to the stove I sometimes kick cook on.


For heavens sake, woman!!!!!
 I told you it was horrible!!!

I don't usually stick my nose or bad eyes down to check handles on radiators for dust and ugly stuff - I wipe them down with a wet cloth on and of - but I never ever had the idea to check behind the handle in between those plastic ribs.

I'm absolutely sure thats what a true domestic Goddess would do.  I'm sure that YOU do it.

Oh - how I HATE this kind of cleaning.
It's supposed to make you feel GOOD when its finished but this just s*cks.

I need chocolate.
And peanuts.

15/6 UPDATE: I deserve to show you a cleaned handle to prove that I'm not a totally domestic pig *lol*
Now - I cleaned them with cotton sticks and took pictures of the handles 3 times and each time the darned things STILL looked dirty on the photos!
Some things just can't be done perfect - a 90% clean radiator handle have to be okay!

Almost clean!

9 kommentarer:

mammafairy sagde ...

meters on radiators? I never heard of such a thing! what are they measuring? and how? Most strange!

Love your tablecloth, whether you made it or not!

Deborah sagde ...

Wish I could deliver peanuts and chocolate to you! Well deserved after any cleaning task!

Janine sagde ...

I think you should try to track down the building-inspector-genius and get him to come and clean! Or ignore the cleaning and look at your beautiful table cloth instead :)

Carla sagde ...

I thought it was Hardanger too : ) Lovely

Rachel sagde ...

The tablecloth is lovely. I second Janine's idea - make the person responsible for the idiot placement of that radiator come and get a hint of what it's like to live with!

Grete sagde ...

In addition to the peanuts and the choclate I think you deserve a glass of wine as well! And you are a brave woman! I would never dare to show the dirt and dust in my house....
I do not know what the stitches on your tablecloth are called, , but when speaking about "Hardangersøm", I think of the holes cut out and sewed "around and across" with "staver.". But I think your stitches can be part of a "Hardangersøm-pattern." I'll put pictures on my blog when my son comes back with the camera.
Have a nice weekend!

Sana Saroti sagde ...

Haha, too funny! I have radiators like this, too (including the meters) and nope, I have never cleaned that particular part. Each year when they come to read the meters I have to make sure they can get to them ;-)
I dont think I have ever cleaned the radiators exept for when I was moving in and I painted them white cause they were painted in ugly dark brown - very popular back then in East Germany ;-)

Wendy sagde ...

That needlepoint tablecloth is beautiful! No wonder you treasured it.

I can send my husband round to clean your bathroom radiator (he's 6 foot 2), but you have to come and clean my house in return. Beware, my entire house looks like your before picture!!

Jess sagde ...

Beautiful tablecloth! As for the rest - I couldn't stop laughing, I too completely lack the goddess gene. Great job on getting it clean!