juni 27, 2012

Plaids for Dad

Lousy, lousy weather.

In my last post I declared that summer was here.
It was. For 6 hours. Then it began to rain.
Ever since I have been wearing woolen socks and sweaters, sipped a lot of hot cocoa and watched a lot of movies and television sitting on top of my bed, surrounded by various kinds of nescessities like embroidery projects, crochet yarns and hooks, crime fiction novels, soduko puzzles and a tray with coffee, cocoa, water and too many snacks. Remote control just at my left.

It sounds like holiday, right?
It is.

Inspiration doesn't care about lousy weather or rain.
It pours too....

Squares cut out of yardage.

Lots of plaids...

I was so bored that I played with the photos when editing them on PicMonkey!

 ... to be made into a quilt for dad's birthday - a quilt that does not need to be quilted (great, when the new sewing machine has not yet been bought!) - but needs embrodery and crochet.

All will be revealed in due time....

5 kommentarer:

Carla sagde ...

I made my dad a quilt too. I have it now and love it. Happy stiching.

Janine sagde ...

Lovely colours - I'm looking forward to see what you are planning with this :)

Rachel sagde ...

That's a lovely collection of plaids - I'm sure your Dad will love it!

Grete sagde ...

Ser ut til å bli et mykt og deilig teppe! Spent på hvordan du skal sy, hekle, brodere...... Knutequilting er også en mulighet inntil du får deg en god quiltemaskin. Det er litt røft og maskulint!
Morsomt og inspirerende i den senga di!

Anne-Mettes Oaser sagde ...

Spændende projekt du har gang i. Glæder mig til at se det videre frem.