juni 14, 2012

Nancy Crow in UK

I really need to buy a new sewing machine and get myself into to 21st century together with everyone else.
There is no point pretending that the dear old Singer ever will grow feed dogs that can be lowered and suddenly will be able to quilt without that little wonder of a Walking foot.

So summerholidays this year is cancelled as in no traveling. No more dreaming about Riga, Sofia, Dresden or  Dubrovnik. Its time to spend the savings on a piece of delicious humming electronic device!

Okay. I can live with that. But of course there is that trip to the UK and the course at RSN that I have been wanting so much... I could give myself a small trip later in the fall as a birthday gift, yes?

I checked up on plane tickets and accomodation yesterday and there is no way I can afford it. It turned out that it coincides with fall break so no cheap plane tickets that match up with a crewel course at Hampton Court this year.

But then I read in the newletter Twisted Thread that The Knitting and Stitching Show 2012 takes place at Alexandra Palace in London a week before fall break and yes! - the plane tickets are affordable.
But then again... be sensible woman! Think! You don't need it.

But I DO!!!! Because Nancy Crow is giving a lecture at the Vicoria and Albert Museum and I can only buy a ticket if I also buy a ticket to the Show!
When I checked the list of teachers giving 1 or 2 hour lessons and saw that Philippa Turnbull herself will be teaching TWO lessons in crewel technique - I lost it. I'm such a sad case of woman-out-of-control.

Long story short: I'm going. And I've bought 3 teaching lessons at the show, two days entrance ticket and I'm going to hear Nancy Crow speak about her wonderful quilts. (Tickets are limited, so hurry!!!)

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Rachel sagde ...

Have a wonderful time there - I am sure you will!