august 08, 2012

More Great Grannys

The bug is worse than ever!

Cute and romantic. So not me *sigh*

I made this collage with PicMonkey but its not really good.

Those colors are all wrong - the outer border is a warm dark rosa and not a purple.

Now I need to figure out how to square these blocks up to 12½". I don't own such a ruler and its not in my budget, so I need to do some math... when I first laid a block up for squaring it seemed easy but actually its not.

7 kommentarer:

Susan C. sagde ...

Wow, the cuteness is growing. Actually they are cute and I like them. I will be interested to see how you manage to finish them up.

Jess sagde ...

Hehe, had a giggle at Susan's comment - the cuteness is growing! Looking very pretty!

patchworker sagde ...

Lav en skabelon i karton, til at tegne og klippe efter eller har jeg misforstået noget.
Hilsen Esther

Rosa sagde ...

Det har jeg faktisk tænkt på, Esther. Men da jeg ikke kan se gennem karton og mine spidser på den yderste omgang ser ud til at være lidt skæve (de ender ikke alle på en ret linje under og ved siden af hinanden) så tror jeg det kan blive svært at placere kartonen rigtigt. Så jeg må ha' linialer frem tror jeg:-)

Lucy @ Charm About You sagde ...

I absolutely adore the fabrics - so beautiful!!

Rachel sagde ...

These things always look easier than they are!

Amys Crafty Shenanigans sagde ...

Thank you for following my blog!! I see that you are also making Great Granny squares(me too!). I love yours!! The fabrics are perfect for them.