maj 28, 2012

Zum zum... I'm a naked bee..

I joined a bee called Scrappy? Sew bee it!. It is fun and exciting and it is nerve wrecking!

Perfectionists like me with unmistakeable stress symptoms should stay away from that kind of commitment. Because it IS a commitment no matter how sweet and funny and kind and lovely all the other bees in the hive are. Because they are all that I go overboard and before I know it I'm deeply involved in the perfectionists mad, mad world. And start eating chips, crackers and peanuts.

So I work my b*tt off to make the block for the first month as best I can - preferably waaaayyy better than possible - and I can feel the ache in the stomach grow because I'm fully aware that this is the first time ever, ever, ever! that I'm giving a patchwork block away - to be judged, scrutinized and laughed at - which I just know will happen. Especially to me. Only to me in fact. Everyone else makes perfect blocks. Thats a fact.

Its a horrible feeling. Because you see... I know that I'm not that much of a genius in the sewing area.
In spite of decades of sewing experience I'm painfully aware of the millions of much younger women with practically no knowledge of what they're doing (they just do it - how lame and unfair is that?) who can sew much nicer blocks than me because they have the perfect scraps!

They own the best modern scraps and I don't. It s*cks. And I HATE them!
All 2,47 millions of them!

Finally I produced an acceptable block. And I'm SO proud because the little bugger is only 1,5" square so it took me a lot of time to sew and a lot of time to press it so it would lay flat. As in perfectly flat. And then I took a photo of it...

Burned block. Yes. It is.
.. and I see it.
I have burned the darn thing pressing!!!!
In the meantime the weather has gotten so hot (I'm also annoyed, but that has nothing to do with it!) that I more or less strip and sew another little block dressed in practically nothing. Giving up is NOT an option!

I rip out the burned block (actually the entire big block) and this time I noticed before I sewed the new one to the rest of the big block that it is burned too!!!

This is where I kick the stove on my way to raid the refrigerator.
First I emptied the youghurt bottle. Then I ate a large piece of cucumber, 2 tomatoes and some leftover coleslaw with a large slice of rye. Then I hit the shower because I could smell myself and wrapped in the large and totally ragged pink bath towel that match my fair and freckled skin so well I decided to make some proper dinner.
An omelet with bacon, 2 springrolls and ½ a bag of crackers had no effect. I was still hungry. And fat(ter).

I made block no. 3 wearing nothing but the pink bath towel and an enormous amount of determination.

Sneak peak of the big block

The block turned out nice. Very nice. And I pressed it very carefully, sewed the big block together - admired my work - and took a nap. I was exhausted.

When I get up I discover that the lovely bees in the group are talking about making another block - a signature block. WHAT??????

But - energized by the previously consumed small snacks I throw myself at it and suddenly I have designed and sewn the ultimate signature block - still wearing the pink rag that suits me so well. The temperature has passed 30 degrees C - a blessing that comes with living on the top floor under the roof - so I cannot be bothered getting properly dressed.

Signature block. Sneak peak.
I took a photo, packed the blocks and wrote a nice card to the lovely bee queen, who will recieve the masterpieces next week and without any doubt will faint discovering their outstanding beauty. 

And now I think a lot about designing a fabric fig leaf.
Quilted of course.

To be worn on hot days instead of a pink rag;-)

disclaimer: this post must be read with proper regard to the imbedded irony and poor attempts to pity myself.
I actually enjoyed making this block and I don't hate anyone. Not even Nicky with the beautiful and modern scraps;-)

14 kommentarer:

Sana Saroti sagde ...

Thanks for the good laugh!!!! And I dont mean the block (which is beautiful of course), but the story. I think you are probably our most dedicated (naked) bee ;-)

mammafairy sagde ...

I had to laugh at the mental image of someone sewing wrapped only in a towel, I have problems wrapping a towel round and anchoring it, so the image continues with towel slipping, you yanking, and whatever...
Thank you- I am now following,

Fabraholic sagde ...

I don't know if I should laugh or cry. I feel so bad putting you through all this, but your story sure is funny!
I recommend you read my story "Scared stiff" from April 27th, 2011 just to show what you are up against...

Deborah sagde ...

The fabrics look stunning! I'm still confused about the signature block!

Annika sagde ...

You made my day :-) and your block looks lovely. The Danish flag is perfect, looking forward to see the whole signature block - and of course also your wonky star! It was a tricky one, I also made several attempt.... but now it is on it way to May.

Rachel sagde ...

That was such an entertaining post. Your blocks look lovely, and I am really looking forward to your thoughts on a fabric fig leaf!

Craft Couture by T.C. sagde ...

Oh..I laughed so hard reading this..Rosa..You are Hilarious!! :D I could see the pictures clearly..well I know I should feel sorry that you had to go through all these but you made it so funny ;)

You made very beautiful wonky star block and the Danish signature block is genius.

I'm your new happy follower and thank you for making my day :D

Caillean sagde ...

I really had to lough a lot, reading it.I unpicked my block several times, not for burning but because of mismatched seams...

Carla sagde ...

Great post : ) Looking forward to more blocks.

Edny sine puslerier sagde ...

Så bra at det rosa huset ønsket deg velkommen, og at du vil komme igjen;) Morsomt sammentreff!

For en herlig og morsom fortelling! Jeg så for meg både sying, fortvilelse, spising, -og så aldri gi opp;) Flott! Stå på videre! Jeg gleder meg til neste innlegg!

Blokkene var veldig fine, og jeg er imponert over alle som har tålmodighet til å sy med så små biter!

Wendy sagde ...

Oh Rosa, you did make me laugh. Did I send my bad luck your way? I'm very sorry if I did!! The block is beautiful anyway and I like the burnt one, it looked like it was meant to be like that (do you believe me?)

Fabraholic sagde ...

Lovely May here again.
I'm a bit worried about the block I'm to make for you. The dresscode is ok, but this sacrifice thing. Is it mandatory?
Oh well, perhaps I should just do it in case. It did take care or the witch problem after all...

Dresden Quilter sagde ...

I can't see where it is burnt. They all look great. I don't have the best scraps either.

Nicky sagde ...

Haha! I feel the same about my bee blocks but have mastered the art of photographing them at an angle so the mismatched corners don't show up on Flickr! So bad was my attempt at a card trick block that I made another and sent both - neither were perfect! Part of being in a bee is learning to do things better! Setting a challenge and striving to live up to it - but if not have pretty fabric!