februar 10, 2012

Funny Friday

Go make yourself a pot of tea. Go now. And then come back and read on:-)

Surfing blog-land you find the most amazing things.

Things you could not possibly have thought of making even if you consider yourself to be very kreative and innovative and mucho, mucho fantasy-loaded and believe that you are in possession of at least a mildly twisted brain.
I'm talking of myself of course. You, my dear reader, are absolutely normal in any way.

But there are people out there who make and create the most weird things... take everyday subjects and just twist the items in a way that make you gasp and sometimes laugh so much, that coffee or tea really should not be drunk in front of the computer. Eating crackers at the same time is not good either. Trust me. So beware!

Let me say this: The photos are wonderful. The items made are wonderful craftsmanship. The idea behind it is hilariously FUNNY and very creative - so - have a look - have a laugh and then check out this blog.

Oh - you migth want to put your cup of tea down.

Think cosy. Think warm. Think insulation. Think yarn.

Tea-cosies. Here they come!

Book by Loani Prior - in stores from March 22.

Aren't they great??!!

See those knitted puffs at the top? I made some a while ago - to be sewn together and eventually end up as a blanket, called 'the beekeepers quilt' (by Tiny Owls Design) but - it is still an UFO. You can find the blanket here.
I have no photos of my own - I'm still looking for that darn'ed batteryrecharger to my camera*growl*


from The Queen of the Tea Cosies

from The Queen of the Tea Cosies - this is hilarious - I want one!!

from The Queen of the Tea Cosies - look at the small hearts under the hat!

from The Queen of the Tea Cosies - a tea cosy made by a friend of the author.
I love the "feathers" at the top - too funny!
This australian author also teach classes - take a look here where her students all wear their own knitted pill box hats! I love those photos!

Check out her other books (apparently she's made 3) at Amazon here and here - I'm going to buy one.
I have to. Just have to. Knitted things that make me smile and laugh are welcome in my home:-)

And I don't even drink tea!!!!!!!!!

4 kommentarer:

Helle sagde ...

haha farverige tehætter..kan især godt lide den farverige til allersidst.
Jeg drikker meget lidt te og slet ikke kaffe.
God weekend

Rosa sagde ...

Jeg drikker rigtig meget kaffe og det hænder da at jeg laver mig en kop te - det gør det. Jeg har ovenikøbet en fin tekande, men ingen hætte, så det er et (nyt) projekt som er kommet på listen.
Jeg kan slet ikke komme mig over hvor sjove de er!
God weekend til dig, Helle :-)

Queen of the Tea Cosies sagde ...

Hello Rosa

That is a lovely post. Thank you very much for sharing my funny cosies with you side of the world.

Just lovely.


Rosa sagde ...

I'm so glad you liked it, Loani - and thank you very much for commenting on my tiny blog.

All the best with your new book!