februar 22, 2012

It's knot me

I know.
It's hazardous business playing wordgames in a language you'r not totally comfortable with. I just can't help it. It made me smile and giggle like a 17-year old, which is very rare, so I salute it. After all that is a very long time ago, and at my age everything should be allowed. Wordgames especially;-)

Let's talk knots.

I was given the advise to use a millner's needle when practicing the bullion knot.
Good advise!
I scrapped the sad cloth I'd practised on with some wool and found a piece of very old handwoven linnen and started over. I also decided to use 3 strands of dmc cotton floss - which went fine, although I did not see it coming.
The size.
It is veeeeeeery small.
The hoop is only 10 cm (4") and those bullion knots are supertiny but looks absolutely cute blown up in the pictures.

For some reason the knots sort of makes a little wave, a small curve. I looks okay to me but I'm sure that they are not supposed to!!
(..or maybe I have an unusual hidden talent. Something to think about. Or not;-))

I did not plan to make it sort of a flower/star (HAHA - who knows WHAT it is!!!) - maybe it would have been better to sew the knots more apart... give them some space.

Uhhhhh.....they just don't look so good when blown that much up. On the other hand you can see EVERYTHING!

Out of the 17 knots I'm pleased with one. Most of them are too loose and should have had a couple of extra 'twists/swirls' on the needle.
But they were a breeze to make with the millner's needle.
Lesson learned:-)

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Bits of Stitching! sagde ...

I think you did great! Bullions are fun to make and there are sooo many applications you could give them.
Have fun!

Rosa sagde ...

Thank you.
I really enjoy this:-)