februar 20, 2012


I have collected men's ties for a couple of years now. Bought for pennies at various charityshops - all silk and beautiful.

I have this idea of a quilt... but I can't explain it. It's all in my head *lol*

Well - today I recieved a new usb cable for my camera so I took some photos of my rather large collection.
Of course I overdid it.
I have ties enough for several quilts. And no - this is only half of the ties I've collected, the rest is ... somewhere;-)

There are ties from all over the world. No. 3 top left is from Air Namibia - which feels rather exotic to me.

And those are probably the only items from Balmain, Cardin & Dior I'll ever afford!

 Some of the colors and patterns are just insanely beautiful!!!! Look at the red one with the lobsters and lemons!!

Yards of silk bought in Hong Kong Bangkok (I always confuse those two cities!) - for the quilt. I have yards of two other coordinating colors of silk nicely tucked away in my basement.

I think of this quilt every.single.day.

Can't decide which pattern to use, can't decide whether to machinepiece or handpiece, can't decide if I should make a reproduction of one of the quilts I saw at Claverton Manor in Bath (UK) or make a very modern style type of quilt.
I have already had a very helpful mailconversation with a blogfriend about various things to consider when you work with silk, so I feel well prepared. I just need to decide the pattern and style.

It will be made.
I promised myself:-)

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TexWisGirl sagde ...

thank you, rosa, for stopping by and adding a comment in support of the anti-word verification post! appreciate it very much!

Rosa sagde ...

You beat me to it!
I just posted about it - I find it really, really annoying!

deanna7trees sagde ...

i too have a huge tie collection. mine are all taken apart and washed. i've made several little bags as gifts but have to start using the rest. do you plan on taking them apart or using them as is?

Rosa sagde ...

I've already taken them apart. I should have washed them before this step, so now I'm afraid they will ravel/floss, but I've been told that silk sometimes bleed a lot, so washing is nescessary.
I will cut the ties up to use in whatever pattern I decide. I'm not a fan of using the ties as is:-)

deanna7trees sagde ...

i did wash mine after taking apart. i put them in one of those mesh bags but still had lots of raveling. i used the shout color catcher sheets in the washing machine to catch all the running colors.

Rosa sagde ...

I will probably wash them in my huge soup pot in my kitchen. Sounds weird but then I can control the heat and the 'waves' so they don't unravel that much.