februar 24, 2012


I'm in heaven!

Yesterday these two books arrived:

Bought chepo-chepo through amazon at two different thriftstores in the US - I practically just paid the postage for them - yeaaaahhh!!!
Both in very good condition - and SO worth it!

Just look at this:

from Crewel Embroidery
That bird is so cute - and the leaves down at the right so delicate.

from Crewel Embroidery
A tree of life piece - so many different stitches

from Embroidery Book
This is where it shows that I'm a lousy photographer. The colors are not near that dull and flat in the book. In reality they are very, very vibrant. This is the green sampler.

from Embroidery Book
This is a blue sampler - again much more vibrant and clear colors in the book

from Embroidery Book

from Embroidery Book
I just love these colors! These samplers remind me of the 60-70ies - I remember using this kind of embroidery to embellish knitted sweaters and woollen skirts. Happy memories:-)

from Embroidery Book
Ohhh... I like this! Colorful and with a lot of texture - great!

I cannot recommend these books enough. They may be more than 40 years old but still have a lot of value.
I'm particularly happy about the sections where the different stitches are shown - much better than in many of the new books I've bought.
Then there are a huge amount of history, spiced with old recipées of  how to make your own dye, how to design your own piece of crewel etc.etc.

And so much - so many of the stitches and designs have such a modern feel to them.

Just look at this (bad pic - not enough light)

design Erica Wilson

 I could easily see this design made up in all kinds of blue - or any other color for that matter - it would look great and very fresh and not at all oldfashioned.

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Bits of Stitching! sagde ...

Great finds at such a great price... I love embroidery books, thanks for the peeks!
Have fun with them!

Rosa sagde ...

Thank you!
They are great books - loads of information and very well suited for the beginner.