februar 05, 2012

Vintage table runner

Some time ago I found this unfinished little embroidered linen tablerunner at a charity shop. It reminded me so much of the kind of embroidery my mother did in the 1960'ies and I thought it had a certain modern vibe and expression that I like so much in a lot of vintage things. I'm not a fan of runners at all - thruth be told I find runners to be a strange piece of fabric - whether embroidered, crocheted or quilted - looking very odd on tables, shelves and credenzas and so many of them are - to me - just ugly, ugly, ugly.

But I checked the kit - there was plenty of linen thread and the pattern was in a fine, readable condition so
I took it home and finished it and really, really liked embroidering the little bugger :-)

The pattern and thread


The finished runner

The back of the pattern with lots of info on the stitches

I began reading a lot of embroidery-blogs and was amazed at the skills and high standards.

One blog in particular blew my socks of - Contemporary Embroidery - by Karen Ruane.
It is just fabulous work. Really amazing. So delicious that you litterally want to eat it - promise!!
I'm not in her leage - far, far from it. Comparing is out of the question, next to her skills mine really, really sucks!
But she has inspired me so much that I later bought another unfinished embroidery kit (a HUGE crosstitch of a peacock) in another charity shop, read more blogs and became very interested in Jacobean Crewel.
So much that I have been practicing this kind of embroidery, learned a few of the many many stitches, bought several books on crewel and have made plans to go to London to take classes.

I just love that kind of inspiration and I blame Karen.
She knows that ;-)

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karen sagde ...

happy to take the blame and thank you for the lovely words. I am so happy I inspired you to embroider and your table runner is wonderful!!

Helle sagde ...

wow...en smuk løber....virkelig smuk!

Rosa sagde ...

Tak for roserne :-)

Bits of Stitching! sagde ...

What a beautiful table runner! A great find indeed!